The 300 and Careli Tours Nicaragua celebrates 25th Anniversary
Some of you love history, some have read the graphic novel ‘’300’’ by Frank Miller, some have seen the movie 300 and some are probably wondering what has the number 300 to do with Nicaragua?
Our family of tourism was born in 1992, during a period of innovation and progress for our nation. Such was the era, that for the first time in Nicaragua’s history, a woman had been democratically elected as President. As pioneers of exceptional tourism in our beloved Nicaragua, we have battled with numerous challenges, such as international crisis or the constant stereotype of being in a country at war. Through our dedication to your experience with us these 25 years, we have happily satisfied visitors from around the world, countless times.
In honor of our 25th birthday, our team and local partners united with 300 children from public schools in Granada and Leon, each student received 1 tree to plant around their campus, we had a day of fun with the children of those schools during our event, “Me Divierto Jugando a lo Nica” (Having Fun, in the Nica Way). We played outdoor games, traditional to an era without computers and cellphones, including jump rope, gunny sack races, and hopscotch. We also practiced yoga as our modern outdoor activity. During games involving group competition, our teams were named after beautiful tropical animals. Some of these were Dolphins, Motmots, Sloths, and Monkeys, all of them can be found in Nicaragua’s diverse wilderness! After the festivities, we shared some time together for lunch, with the wonderful 300!
Through our projects of conservation education in the past 10 years, our aim has been, and continues to be, to motivate the people of Nicaragua, especially its young learners, to protect the fruitful environment they have been privileged with. As committed fighters for conservation, we agree with Nelson Mandela that, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.
We would like to give thanks to our faithful clients and visitors from around the world, who have trusted us with the honor of guiding them through our home, Nicaragua! Thank you as well, to our office team and guides who have served our cherished guests.
A special thanks to the amazing 300 children who are facing one of the greatest battles in all of human history. Protect the environment!
 We look forward to serving you for years to come!
Lourdes Fuentes
Sales Director

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