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My first trip to Nicaragua (December 2011) was arranged by an UK Tour Operator, who used Careli as their ground agents. This gave me the chance to see how professional the Careli Tours team is, so I had confidence to use them for my next seven visits to this wonderful country.

Everyone at Careli has always been very helpful, professional, and incredibly friendly.

During my visits, I have had two drivers and two guides. I have also had the chance to meet other Careli guides when our paths have crossed at various locations. I have been able to see that they are all well-presented, knowledgeable, cheerful and helpful.

The standard of driving is very good, and I have had total trust in my driver, Jaime. The vehicles are comfortable and clean, and every possible care is taken to make the journeys comfortable and interesting. As I got to know my guides better, they, as well as the office staff, have been able to recommend places that they know I would find interesting, which has helped me plan further trips. They have also taken pleasure in introducing me to the local food specialties as we have traveled through the country.

My main driver and guides have become good friends over the years.

On my first visit to Nicaragua, I fell in love with the country, and that love has grown with every subsequent visit. The Nicaraguan people are incredibly friendly, and the country is so beautiful and interesting—it has everything! Beautiful rainforests, rivers, and lakes, and awesome volcanoes.

One of my favorite places is the Rio San Juan. It is wonderful to get up at sunrise and head down the river on a small boat to observe all the wildlife gradually waking up. I also love the Solentiname islands with their stunning sunsets and the opportunity to visit local wildlife reserves.

The volcanoes fascinate me. I love to visit Masaya volcano at night and have done several walks on Mombacho,climbed Cerro Negro, and Cosigüina. The cities are interesting too. I love Leon with its interesting museums and stunning art gallery, and I have enjoyed staying in Granada, which is a bit touristy. I have also visited the highlands around Matagalpa and Tuma-La Dalia, which are very interesting and very different from the Pacific coastal regions.

Some of the places I have stayed in have been quite simple, but all have been very clean and comfortable. Nicaragua can also offer many up-market hotels. I have enjoyed staying at Morgan’s Rock on the coast and Jicaro Island Lodge in Lake Nicaragua.

Dr. Elspeth Reid from UK

Trip #8- March 2023

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