South of Masaya, we follow the route of Los Pueblos Blancos or “White Villages,” so named for their Spanish-style churches and white casitas with colorful windows and doors.  The pretty rural villages, known for their market stalls, restaurants and scenic mirador lookouts, are also distinguished by a particular craft the local people of each village produce---often for sale also in the Masaya Market. For instance San Juan de Oriente, is a major center for wonderful pottery, and we can visit many of the prize-winning potters in their workshops. Masatape is the country’s rocking-chair capital, also making tables and dressers. The specialty of the pueblo of Diriomo is sorcery and witchcraft.  Pueblos Blancos is also known for its calendar full of traditional festivals. Getting there: 28 miles (46 km) from Managua.
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