To Careli Tours,
Managua, Nicaragua.

I hereby just want to tell you from all participants  in the group of six Danes , for which you have arranged a tour around I Nicaragua from  San Jose de Bocay to Granada, that we are very, very satisfied with your arrangement and the very good service from the our guide and driver, so we will certainly recommend your company to others Danes, who plan to visit Nicaragua.

For your information some of the participants already have plan to visit Nicaragua soon again.

Our best regards.

Øyvin, Bodil, Evald, Inge, Bent og Egon   from DENMARK


My wife Maureen and I went to Costa Rica last month for a do nothing one week vacation. We had planned to lay around, relax and do as little as possible for that week. The day after arriving, there were an assortment of tours offered by the resort. This was the one thing my wife and I do not participate in when we travel. The thought of getting on a bus and being kidnapped for the entire day is not what we enjoy doing. I glance quickly through the list of offered tour to be polite to our host at the resort, when I came upon Nicaragua. I never wanted to go to Nicaragua. I never thought of going to Nicaragua. Nicaragua was like Iraq to me. So I signed up. Maybe because it was so close to the resort. Maybe it was the adventure of going to some bad place for the thrill.

We pass through the border and there was a handsome man standing in the front of the bus. The Costa Rica tour guide introduced Juan Carlos, and handed him the microphone. The rest I will say was “Nicaraguan History”. I enjoy watching the History Channel here in the United States. Juan Carlos was like watching the History Channel and the subject was “The History of Nicaragua”. He was superb! He taught me more in that afternoon then I would have never imagined. Juan Carlos, and Nicaragua was the highlight of my week visit to Central America.

I would like to pass along a very special thanks to Juan Carlos, and look forward to visiting his wonderful Nicaragua again.

Beast Regards,

Brian L. Blackford from USA

Thanks for your email.

Our trip to Nicaragua was wonderful.  Every step of the way, the services that you provided were top notch!  All of the drivers were prompt and friendly.  The resorts were all great – El Convento – Patio del Malinche and the best one was Villas de Palermo.  We actually extended our stay at Villas de Palermo because we liked it so much – and the tour company accommodated us without a problem.  Everyone at Latin Destinations/Careli Tours was wonderful and the price that we paid for the trip was very very reasonable.

I wish I could book all of my trips through your company.  I travel often and will definitely use your company again,and will tell all of my friends and colleagues about your site.

Thanks for giving me a wonderful vacation to Nicaragua!

Christine Jagde from USA

Attention: Maria Jose

I would like to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoyed my recent  one day trip to Nicaragua. You should also know that the tour director, Enrique, did a fabulous job. The passion he has for Nicaragua is evident when he speaks. He is an asset to your company as well as an excellent embadassor for Nicaragua. If you would please forward this message to him, it would be most appreciated.

Again, this is a wonderful trip that you offer. I will certainly consider another trip to your fine country.

Best regards,

Deborah Castaneda

Go Giants!


We are back and working again. I wanted to drop you a note about the trip. Nicaragua is a underdeveloped jem. Lots to see and do. The people,food,beer and rum some of the best I’ve experienced. All of Careli’s arrangements worked out great. Not one transfer was late, and all the guides were great. The Mancarrun Hotel is a little isolated, but the friendly people that run the place more then make up for this. I would suggest that you make sure they leave the generator on at night (you need the fans to work and it is very dark). After the first night we asked them to run the generator. All in all it was a wonderful trip and you and Careli did a great job. Please feel free to use us as a positive reference. Thank you again.

PS Do you have a address for the Mancarrun Hotel? I want to send some fishing gear to Rodrigo, and some music to the teenage kid there. Thank you.

Gregg Trigss & Family from USA


My name is Dennis Duck and I just returned from a great trip to Nicaragua and I would like you to know what a great guide I had during my stay, Juan Carlos is a great guide, very knowledgeable on the history and nature of Nicaragua and was able to get me every where I wanted to go, answer very question I had, and when he said he would be pick me up at a certain time he was always on time.  I enjoyed my trip a great deal and would return to Nicaragua again.

Dennis from USA

Hello from beautiful Tasmania!

We would like to specially thank Careli Tours and in particular our tour guides Elvis and Giovanni for our wonderful experiences in Nicaragua: accommodation, efficient travel organization, Nicaraguan people and the places we visited were all first rate.

Best wishes,

Salty and Rosita.