Holy Week in Nicaragua!

The breeze of the sea and the sunny days promise many adventures for the hot summer of Nicaragua.

Here is a list of things to see and do in our country:

  • Carpets of Sawdust in León: Visit the City of León, where you will undoubtedly live the religious celebration of Holy Week from first hand. Every day there is a different parade in each church and neighborhood of the city.  A traditional and religious event is held on Fridays in León. From early hours of the day the elaboration of colorful carpets of sawdust alluding to the Lent take shape by the hands of local artists, families and neighbors of the neighborhood of sutiaba, once finalized the picturesque works at dusk the parishioners and artists wait for the nocturnal procession of the Holy Burial.

Carpets of Sawdust in León

Bonus: Photographers will have a unique opportunity to capture religious, architectural and cultural scenes.

  • Aquatic Parade on Lake Nicaragua: a short drive from Granada city to the Islands where hundreds of parishioners embark on boats to escort in a traditional procession the image of Jesus, which visits some of the islands that are inhabited by locals.


Bonus: This is the occasion you were looking for to sunbathe, visit the islets and share with the locals. In addition, you will appreciate the wildlife and a majestic view of the Mombacho Volcano.

  • Nicaraguan Cuisine: To taste a traditional dish of cheese soup, desserts of syrup or the acclaimed fritters bathed in honey is a unique experience for your palate. You can find them in every traditional dining room and in some of the restaurants of the country.17390539_10158482243695554_4840621601156306164_o

Bonus: For gastronomic travelers it will be an experience to explore new dishes and savor the local cuisine. In addition to, all the incredible photos you will take as memories.

  • Sunbathing on the beaches of the Pacific: Poneloya, Las Peñitas, San Juan del Sur and the Caribbean beaches will be the perfect place to rest and take a refreshing sunbath.


Bonus: You can enjoy an exotic coconut in every corner of these paradisiac beaches.

Photos by: Nicaragua Tourism Board (INTUR)

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