5 Reasons to Choose Nicaragua as your Next Wellness Destination:

Buen karma foodEvery once in a while everyone needs their own personal space, somewhere you can escape the daily routine and restore the body and mind. Here we give you 5 reasons to choose Nicaragua by Careli Tours as your next wellness getaway:

1) Meet Locals:  You are going to meet Nicaraguans on the beach, at cafes, at colorful markets but you will also meet fully bilingual certified professionals who understand that visitors are looking for meaningful travel experiences. Don’t miss the opportunity; to share a walk surrounded by nature with Juan Carlos our guide; or to meet Ximena Gutierrez, a New York Certified Jivamukti Yoga® Teacher. Take a chance and witness her mission to enthusiastically share the transformative power of Yoga.

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2) Connect with Nature: Scientific evidence proves the calming effects of nature on the human body and how spending time outdoors with trees, fresh air, and wildlife helps us slow down and lead our bodies and minds to inner peace. With 78 natural reserves –– uncrowded and pristine –– Nicaragua’s great outdoors caters nature-lovers with 698 recorded species of birds, 800 species of orchids, over 1,000 butterfly species and of course a plethora of other exotic animals.

3) Be a playful child again: Do you remember how awesome it felt to be a kid? Every day there was a new opportunity to play and ride your bike, and best of all, every person was a potential playmate. As adults, we can still bring out the kid inside us and we can assist you in the process! How does it sound to Climb a volcano on Ometepe Island or the grandfather of all Volcanoes, San Cristobal; Swing out over a crater lake on a zip line at Mombacho;  Mountain bike the Pueblos Blancos; Kayak across our famous Laguna de Apoyo; paddle-board around the Granada Islets or Surf the Pacific with Rex, Nicaragua’s National Champion.


4) Fresh Food : Nicaragua is home to an abundance of fresh produce and exotic dishes, many of which go way back to ancient civilizations. Eating fresh is a cultural matter, starting back in the colonial days when families grew their own vegetables in their courtyards; Markets are also a very important part of the culture, the food within the markets are all completely local and the delicious flavor certainly comes from being tree ripened ready to eat on the same day. And as the farm-to-table movement keeps growing, everyone’s talking about the refined twist that local chefs are giving traditional dishes.

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5) Massage – SI!: A good massage can be a wonderful thing: it’s not only a simply relaxing escape from the day, but also a proven stress and anxiety reliever that may also help with headaches, muscle and joint pain, as well as boosting the immune system.

Nicaragua awaits you with excellent therapists, signature treatments and products based on hotel location, spoil yourself overlooking the rainforest and views of the Pacific Ocean. If you desire a more luxurious experience you may customize a Day at the Spa with personalized  treatments based on your individual needs.

For more information contact us at info@carelitours.com or speak to your travel advisor at Careli Tours Nicaragua calling at + (505) 2223-2020 from 07:00 to 17:00 (EST).

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